Rugby is a Victorian English village, established in 1880, on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. Historic Rugby offers original, historical buildings, lodging , shops and dining. What better place could there be for a British Car & Bike Show?

The "Return" occurs each year on the 4th weekend of August. While the car show is the reason for the event, there are also other activities:

Friday evenings we gather for food, drink and friendship at the Harrow Road Cafe. That's followed by Irish Road Bowling. Never heard of it? Check it out on Bing or Google. It's a lot of fun. If your club is interested in a club team, let us know in advance and we can even offer you club team shirts for a small fee.

On Saturday, show day, there are cars to see and talk about, a silent auction and vendors' goods to peruse. During that lull between the end of judging and the awards announcement you needn't be bored: There's always some new activity offered, plus a National Parks Service Ranger led hike, and a free abbreviated tour of some of Historic Rugby's buildings for show car registrants. All day long there is shopping for unique Rugby souvenirs and gifts and a Tea Table-Setting contest for you to judge.

Saturday evening, all those remaining in Rugby, club members, volunteers, Rugby Residents and Historic Rugby, Inc. members, gather at Oak Lodge, bringing along a dish/libation to share. And it's an evening of fun and review of all the hilarious events of the day.

Sunday morning, breakfast at the Harrow Road Cafe, finish packing and say "good bye and see you at the next car show" to your friends.

The car show is open to all British marques, including those that may have been bought out by continental companies (new Mini's are welcome). Judging is by popular vote and trophies are awarded.

Proceeds from the show are donated to Historic Rugby, Inc. to help keep Tennessee and British History alive.

Registration package. The Registration forms will be available abour July 1st

Featured Building: Each year the awards and the tee shirts display the year's featured Rugby building.

Tee Shirt. If we offere tee shirts this year, it will have the featured Rugby building on the back.

Event Flyer. This link will offer you this year's Flyer.

Local accomodations. Make your reservations ahead of time, rooms fill quickly.

Map of the show area.

Directions to Historic Rugby.

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Photos of prior years' "Returns"


As of 5 November 2018