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The 2015 Rugby British Car and Bike Show will be on 21-22 August; show day is Saturday the 22nd. To download info and registration forms, click here.

Early registration ends August 15th.

To see photos of the 2014 event, click HERE.


Welcome to the Plateau British Car Club!

The club was formed in June 2008 by Bob Thomas, Dick LeClair and Charlie Bunnell. Initially expecting to find no more than a dozen Brit car owners in Cumberland County, we were pleasantly surprised when the first organizational meeting resulted in 14 families showing up. Within two months the membership had grown to 26 member families. From its inception the club was designed to be strictly a fun club. That meant no dues, no by laws, no constitution and no officers. Needless to say that results in no business meetings. Instead, the meetings revolve around what events the club is going to have and who's going to plan it. The founders act as a coordinating committee to make sure information is shared, trips are planned, and so forth.

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